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Question: Why do you spell 'color' with a u if you live in the United States?
Answer: I use the British spellings for everything because I like them better.

Question: Who is the girl in the prologue/the teacher/the blonde lady?
Answer: I will tell you nothing. Mwahahahaha! :P

Question: Where did you get the idea for The Thirteenth Month?
Answer: I have a bajillion ideas in my head at one time. This story is a combination of several ideas I had when I started drawing and is still developing depending on these ideas.

Question: When you say the story is still developing, does this mean you don't know what will happen next?
Answer: No, I have at least seven chapters written ahead of time.

Question: Can you show me some of your script?
Answer: No.

Question: Why wont you tell me what will happen?
Answer: It would spoil the suprise.

Question: Why do you call your script the 'Skript of Doom'? Don't you know you spelled it wrong?
Answer: Yes, I do. I call it that because that's what my (then) boyfriend called it.

Question: So, explain this whole manifest-condensation thing to me again...
Answer: A manifest and a condensation are made of the same life force. The condensation of the power is on Earth. For example: tree. The tree is on Earth, but is only a minor part of the life force. The manifest is a collection of that power on Tyme. That life force embodied in a humanoid.

Question: What was with that explination at the begining of Chapter One?
Answer: It was a teacher's lesson on the history of Earth and Tyme.

Question: Why are some signs in English and some in Gibberish?
Answer: English is the offical language of the schools, so it is used widely through September's lands. Inoke is the offical language of all the months, and is used more often in offical signs and documents. English is used for simple writing such as notes and school books as it's easier to read and write.

Question: How does slang work on Tyme?
Answer: Words such as Pixie, Giant, Tree, Human Misfit, etc. Are used throughout Tyme. However, each slang word is translated into the month's official language depending on where they are. Therefore Chris is a Human Misfit in September's lands, but a Menschlicher Fehler in October's lands.

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